Sunday, December 28, 2014

How To Choose Your hair Dryer

Some women tend to only consider the power or the weight of the hair dryer they are looking for, and that's a big mistake. In order to be able to enjoy more comfort while using a hair dryer, it is out of the question that you overlook the most important factors. 

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Basic key factors

To have your hair blow-dried every day, enjoying new styles and the suppleness, you should really take into account these important set of criteria before saying this is my hair dryer.


It’s better to choose a hair dryer with a powerful motor that allows you to adjust the heat to your needs, whether for hot or cold air. A hair dryer featuring 2000 watts is going to be a perfect choice.

Speed settings

Hair dryers featuring variable and adjustable speed settings help create successful and more satisfying hairstyles just in minutes:
  • Set your dryer to the highest speed to blow-dry fast and especially if we combine it with high heat
  • Set it to the lowest speed to lock the styles you create in place. This speed is indispensable to lock curls in place.

Heat settings

You should look for a hair dryer featuring two heat settings and a cool air shot button to help you create different styles:
  • Very high heat helps you dry your hair rapidly.
  • Medium heat serves for normal drying.
  • Cold air allows to lock the styles into place.


The ionic technology is the only secret behind shiny and smooth hair because it helps fight static electricity and maximizes applied hair care. Thanks to the ionic technology, hair becomes easier to detangle and style.  
You can choose between:
  • Tourmaline “gemstones” that offer extreme shine and
  • Ceramic that ensures even heat distribution and strengthens the flow of ions.


There is a plethora of hair dryers in retail stores, but you have to choose the ones that come with different accessories and attachments like:
  • The concentrator attachment for blow-drying
  • The diffuser attachment


Don’t forget that hair dryers are held at arm’s length and sometimes for extended time, so to limit the adverse effects of fatigue and muscle aches opt for lighter models that weigh less than 0.66 pounds. Dimensions have also to be taken into consideration while choosing a hair dryer. The length should not accordingly exceed 0.65 feet. As for the power cord, it should be long enough to make the drying process easier and less stressful (from 2 to 9 feet long)

Air flow

The speed of drying greatly depends on air flow. In fact, an ideal hair dryer generates an air flow between 75 and 105 m3/h.


The cost of a hair dryer varies according to its brand, technologies and number of attachments. They start at $7 and can go up to more than $250.

A hair dryer for what purpose

Before buying a hair dryer, it’s important to determine what pushed you to buy it:

Hair dryers for professional purposes

While trying to possess a professional hair dryer, bear in mind that they are distinguished by their elongated shape helping them to direct heat for more precision drying. Being professional, its AC motor makes it endure the extended usage and enjoy a longer life if compared to conventional ones. These kind of hair dryers are manufactured to blow-dry any type of hair – fine, curly, natural … - fast

Hair dryers for women often on the move

If you are someone who travels a lot, opt for hair dryers that are designed with a folding handle. These can easily get tucked inside your luggage. But make sure you carry and electrical adapter with you.